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Did you know you are my hero?

See you on July 13!


  • Parade route is from Bagley N to Woodlawn N on N 45th

  • Muster/Registration Location:  Meridian Park/Playfield, 4649 Sunnyside Ave N

  • Registration: 9:30am - 10:30am  

  • Muster/Lineup: 9:30am - 10:45am

Registration is OPEN.

Register HERE!

Who MUST register:

Drill Teams, Marching Bands, ​Neighborhood Groups larger than 10 people, Motorized exhibits (floats, trucks and cars)

Everyone else can simply show up at Meridian Park and muster. 

Everyone Must Submit a Hold Harmless Form.

Download Hold Harmless Form HERE


Got questions? We got answers. Contact us HERE

The small print:
Please observe the following rules for everyone’s safety and enjoyment!

  • Participants must follow all instructions from police or parade officials.

  • Do not throw materials along the parade route. Distribution of candy, gifts, merchandise, or other materials may be handed out or rolled on the ground.

  • Distributing literature is strongly discouraged. If you do, you must provide volunteers for the clean-up crew.

  • Entrants must clean up after all animals participating in the parade.

  • Participants are reminded to stay on course with the parade route and to refrain from mingling with parade route spectators.

  • Any vendors must have prior approval to be allowed on the street during the parade.

  • Registrations must be complete to be included in the parade.

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