In times like these, when our anxiety levels match our boredom, it's nice to think about summer sunshine. It's nice to think about dipping our toes in the saltwater of the Sound. And it's nice to think about coming together to celebrate our communities. 


The Wallingford Family Parade is a seventy-one year-old tradition that we sincerely hope we can keep intact for the summer of 2020. Parade producers, Celebrate Wallingford, will continue to move forward with parade planning because we, just like you, want to believe that by July we will all once again be able hug each other and mess around in the street, too.

We're excited to announce the 71st Annual Wallingford Family Parade, at 11am on Saturday, July 11, 2020!

Since this year we're going all Ghoul, expect to see ghosts, witches, unicorns, costumed dogs and whatever YOUR little heart desires! They'll be joined by the Seafair Clowns, drill teams, local groups and families for day of neighborhood fun. 


The parade begins at Meridian Park and goes west on 45th to Interlake Avenue N.

See you then!

About Participating?  More info here

Wondering about the parade route?  See the map below!