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Be the hero of your story! 

(and always trust your cape)


Not all heros fly through the air on dramatic rescue missions. Maybe there's one at the library who reads books to kids at story hour. Maybe it's the woman who unwaveringly advocates keeping the streets clean, maybe it's the restaurant owner who gives away a meal to a hungry family. Maybe it's the kid who walks his disabled neighbor's dog on rainy days...

For 2024, we challenge each and every Wallingford resident, merchant and visitor to identify their inner hero, then personify them at the parade.

Registration info here

Free use of a Float!

Would your hero want to ride on a float?  

We've got you covered.

(Here's where WE get to be heroes)

We'll loan you a float for free and arrange to get it to your location.

All you gotta do is ask

and tell us about your idea!


While YOU plan your getup feel free to peruse are the winners from last year's extravaganza...

Congratulations to all!


1st Place: Hawaii General Store

2nd Place: 51st Street Crew 

3rd Place: Princess Sparklepony


Included Tara's Tots & Fremont Community School

Thanks again to all--our sponsors, judges, and every participant...

We can't do this without YOU!

2023 Trophies

1st Place Senior

The Dolls and Gents Drill Team and Drumline

2nd Place Senior 

Epitome Entertainment Drill and Drum Team

1st Place Junior 

Baby Dolls Drill Team

2nd Place Junior

Alpha Martial Arts

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